Add your thoughts here… (optional) My son left High School three months prior to getting his IB Diploma. It scared me. Now he is finding a way to view the world through his camera. His blog chronicles his journey in words and pictures. I walk with him every day sharing his discoveries.

The Light Proof Box

I feel like I’ve developed more today than I have in all the past 12 months of my life combined.

This post is going to have a lot of text, and then the photos will come later. It will be emotional, but today I’ve learned that what I feel casts a very important glow into the world.


Today, I felt a sense so profound that I could not ignore it. Today has not been the most painful of my days, nor has it been a pleasant one. In my dealings with humanity today I gained insight a new side to photographic art. So many photographers spend their years attempting to photograph a beautiful, dynamic landscape full of rocky mountains, jagged cliffs, smooth clouds, or a brilliant sunrise. – And although that is fine and good, today I discovered new type of landscape.

I discovered the art of the human…

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