About Marie

Marie Trout grew up in Denmark. She received her BA in Education from Aarhus University. While finishing her college degree she simultaneously started her own advertising sales company.

Love led her to California in 1991, where she married Walter Trout, an internationally known blues-rock musician. Marie took over as manager of Walter’s band in 1992.

Together Marie and Walter founded an entertainment company, of which Marie remains the CEO.

Walter and Marie continue their unique partnership, in love and business, and have three sons together.

Marie has a keen interest in Self-Development that allows for action and results. Results that are measured in quality of life. She has exemplified this by following her own dreams. Uncompromisingly!

Her interests besides her work in business include personal change – and development, parenting (including remote parenting as her oldest son studies in Denmark), healing aspects of music, and a plant-based whole foods approach to eating.

Marie has a MA in Wisdom Studies and is a certified coach from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching. She is accredited with the International Coaching Federation and is actively pursuing a PhD.

Marie Trout coaches from her office in Southern California, and sessions are best conducted via phone or skype. You can fill out the form below and request a free, confidential, no obligation consultation – or ask any question you might have. (What you write in the below form will not be visible to others.)