My Life Purpose

There are no two ways around it: I had “issues.” 

As a young person I found myself almost paralyzed with conflicting emotions. It was difficult to face my life with so much turmoil inside. A friend, who was a psycho-therapist and much older, declared one day:

“You need help!”

Her courageous directness changed my life forever. She was able to direct me to various therapeutic approaches that helped me immediately. I found ways to address what I experienced as my problems, trace them to their root, and then make new decisions about how I wanted to live my life.

And things got better quickly.

The change I experienced was profound and made me able to feel sustained levels of joy and contentment. And although I still had issues – they were not getting in my way as much anymore.

As a result, I wanted to help others experience this same rapid and profound change in their lives. I wanted to become a psychologist!

After researching what  becoming a psychologist entailed, I abandoned that idea quickly. I found that the theoretical approach of both psychology and psychiatry was not even getting close to the transformative and powerful potential of the approaches I had experienced.

After college, I left academia for private enterprise, married the man of my dreams, moved from Denmark to America, had three amazing children.

Life unfolded as I embraced it. All of which included many problems and stages that required me to use the skills I had largely taught myself. I continued to read voraciously – all kinds of books in the areas of personal development, parenting, spirituality, how to enhance emotional (and physical) health, neuropsychology, etc.

I wanted to crack the code of what it is that makes us happy and fulfilled. It did not seem logical to me. I observed people who seemingly had everything: money, educational excellence, appearance and social prestige often live miserably, full of fear and depression. Or at the other extreme I wondered why others with difficult backgrounds of abuse and neglect, no social status and prestige, at times would be able to create incredible success and joy in life.

On the surface it seemed somewhat of a crap shoot! Yet, I wanted to dig deeper.

I wanted to find out why true joy, fulfillment, success and happiness seemed to be determined by factors not commonly understood or taught.

I wondered how we might be able to “bottle” that undefinable quality of what it is that makes some people continuously able to overcome problems, becoming stronger and wiser in the process, while others get stuck in what seems like insurmountable odds against them.

In coaching I found a virtual tool box of methodologies that are easily communicated, internalized and practiced. I found a way that explained, why some approaches work and others lead nowhere. I also found plenty of research that confirmed why it works.

In coaching we do not look so much at why things are the way they are – we look at what is, and what we can do to make it better.

We focus 100% on creating new thoughts that leads to new feelings and actions that ultimately pave paths for ourselves that produce more of what we do want in life.

It is exciting!

So here I am now. Still learning from everything around me: My clients, my continuous training, my studies, and my family. And as I learn, it gives me great joy to also help others with their learning by simply partnering with them and giving them some of the tools that work. Our clients typically experience fast growth and rapid change in their lives.

And there – right there – is where I find my life-purpose expressed most completely: when I can help others help themselves and change their lives to discover and be aligned with their ultimate life purpose.


Please share this blog. Someone you know will benefit. I treasure your comments. What do you think?

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